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Sunday Bonus

All Sunday Workshops take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on October 2nd.

Design Your Own Vocabulary-building Activities from the Text Up

Co-sponsored by the Materials Writers and Corpus-informed Research and Teaching Interest Sections of CATESOL 

Nicole Brun-Mercer, Associate Director of English Language Support Programs, Boise State University
Margi Wald, Director, Summer English Language Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley

How can instructors effectively transform course materials into springboards for vocabulary development? Many course texts, articles, podcasts, videos, and lectures can be mined for new vocabulary, but without targeted activities designed to highlight essential words and phrases, students will not necessarily understand, use, or even notice those key terms. In this hands-on workshop, participants discover how to use AntConc, a free online corpus analysis 'toolkit,' to create activities for the classroom. The presenter guides participants in (1) selecting written or oral texts most appropriate for their classrooms, (2) creating a word list that features the most salient vocabulary in those texts, (3) designing both comprehension-based and production-based activities for exploring multiple meanings, collocations, grammatical behavior, word families, register, and more! Samples will be provided for beginning through advanced levels and for multiple instructional settings, from primary to university to adult education. No prior experience working with corpora is needed.

Nicole Brun-Mercer

Nicole Brun-Mercer holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. She has taught English and trained teachers in the United States, Switzerland, France, Russia, and Guinea, and is currently the Associate Director of the English Language Support Programs at Boise State University. She has published and presented professionally on materials development, corpus linguistics, lexicogrammar, reading, and composition. This year, she is serving as the CATESOL Material Writers Interest Group Co-Coordinator and the CATESOL Corpus-Informed Research and Teaching Interest Group Co-Assistant Coordinator. 

Margi Wald

Margi Wald teaches first-year composition, reading, and grammar & vocabulary courses specifically designed for multilingual student writers. She directs UC Berkeley's Summer English Language Studies program, co-edits The CATESOL Journal, and has worked closely with both CATESOL‘s and TESOL‘s conference committees. She co-edited Teaching U.S.-educated Multilingual Student Writers (with Mark Roberge and Kay Losey) and co-authored the textbook Exploring Options in Academic Writing: Effective Vocabulary and Grammar Use (with Jan Frodesen). Her research focuses on corpus-based materials development for and academic literacy development among immigrant ESL students.