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Sunday Bonus

All Sunday Workshops take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on October 2nd.

Pronunciation: Let’s Get Physical!

Marsha Chan, "Pronunciation Doctor", Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group Co-founder and Co-coordinator

Speaking in a language or manner other than what is familiar requires different movements of the vocal organs. Once the brain has instructed us to speak, pronunciation is a physical act. Gaining control of one's speaking apparatus facilitates changes in voice quality, pronunciation, accent, and projection. It enhances overall oral production, increases confidence, and improves intelligibility.

This interactive workshop will draw on research and practice showing that careful attention to breathing, vocalization, articulatory positions, pulmonic and tactile pressures, pitch and duration, scope and synchrony of body movements, in addition to the systematic use of gestures, enables more effective pronunciation. We‘ll get our motors running, activate our proprioceptors, and help prepare English learners to speak more clearly by engaging in practical learning activities that sharpen minds, muscles, and memory.

We will also take time to examine and experience activities with selected audio and video resources to promote pronunciation improvement. Participants are welcome to bring earphones and a laptop computer or mobile device. Attendees are invited to read the article Embodied Pronunciation Learning: Research and Practice, published in the special issue on pronunciation in The CATESOL Journal 30.1 • 2018.

Marsha Chan

Marsha J. Chan co-founded the CATESOL Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group, continues to lead TOP-IG as Co-coordinator, and is a former officer of TESOL's Speech Pronunciation and Listening Interest Section. Her volunteer roles at CATESOL include Web Manager, Professional Development Coordinator, Event Registrar, and Conference Organizer. Author of print and digital learning materials including Phrase by Phrase, Oral Communication 1, and Look in the Lake, she is followed around the world as as Pronunciation Doctor on Youtube. An early adopter of technology-enhanced language learning, she employs relevant devices, simple objects, body parts, and humor to enhance interaction in spoken and written forms.

A native Californian, Marsha has roots from across the Pacific Ocean from China, where her great-great-grandfather originated. She speaks several European and Asian languages, and loves hearing and playing with accents. She earned BA and MA degrees from Stanford University and education certification from San Jose State University. Teaching at Mission College for over three decades, she was awarded ten excellence awards from Mission and from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. She facilitates workshops in the U.S. and abroad for educational institutions, businesses, and the U.S. Department of State.