About Us

CATESOL, founded in 1969, is a nonprofit organization open to anyone concerned with the teaching of English as a second or foreign language, standard English as a second dialect, or bilingual education.

Vision Statement

Be the trusted authority for knowledge and expertise in English language teaching and learning. 

Mission Statement 

CATESOL is an association of professionals advancing the quality of English language teaching and learning through professional development, research, standards, and advocacy.


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CATESOL Board of Directors 2019-2020

Voting Members (elected)


CATESOL's membership is 1800 strong, with five Levels, 10 chapters, and 11 Interest Groups. Over 60 members serve on the Board of Directors, and all members volunteer time and expertise to further the mission of CATESOL.

Susan Gaer


Susan Gaer

Danielle Pelletier

Past President

Danielle Pelletier

Robb Hill


Robb Hill

Bentley Cavazzi


Bentley Cavazzi

Nora Mitchell


Nora Mitchell

Bahiyyih Hardacre

College/University Level Chair

Bahiyyih Hardacre

Alex Lopez

Community College Level Chair

Alex Lopez

placeholder portrait

Adult Education Level Chair

Roselyn Tolliver

Odine Gage

K-12 Level Chair

Ondine Gage

Danny Tsai

Intensive English Program Level Chair

Danny Tsai

Saladin Davies

Chapter Council Chair

Sal Davies

Marsha Chan

Interest Group Chair

Marsha Chan

Assistants to Voting Members (elected)

Assistant Secretary: Lily Lewis
College/University Level Assistant Chair: Jennifer Miyake-Trapp
Community College Level Assistant Chair: Reagan Clark
Adult Education Level Assistant Chair: Elza Hess
K-12 Level Assistant Chair: Julie Goldman
Intensive English Program Level Assistant Chair: Prima Gonzalez
Chapter Council Assistant Chair: Kara Mac Donald
Interest Group Assistant Chair: Bentley Cavazzi

Chapter Coordinators

Bay Area Chapter Coordinator: Tammy Wik
Capital Area Chapter Co-Coordinators: Elizabeth Dickie and Suzanne Bardasz
Inland Empire Chapter Coordinator: open
Los Padres Chapter Coordinator: John Robertson
Orange County Chapter Coordinator: Savyonne Steindler
San Diego Chapter Coordinator: Lydia Sparksworthy
San Gabriel Valley Chapter Coordinator: Jim Hays
Saroyan Chapter Coordinator: open
Steinbeck Chapter Coordinator: open
Yosemite Chapter Coordinator: open

Interest Group Coordinators

CSU-IG Co-Coordinator: Bahiyyih Hardacre
CSU-IG Co-Coordinator: Stefan Frazier
ELLE-IG Coordinator: Inocencia Dacumos 
ELLE-IG Assistant Coordinator:  open
IC-IG Coordinator: Kelly Metz-Matthews
IC-IG Assistant Coordinator: Rick Kappra
MW-IG Coordinator: Nicole Brun-Mercer
MW-IG Assistant Coordinator:  Ryan Detwiler
NNLEI-IG Co-Coordinator: Paula Madsen
NNLEI-IG Co-Coordinator: Zoia Palgova
NNLEI-IG Assistant Coordinator: Vanessa Quezada
OT-IG Coordinator: Ryan Detwiler
OT-IG Assistant Coordinator: Ingrid Greenberg
PTE-IG Coordinator: Rameshor Bhandari
PTE-IG Assistant Coordinator:  open
RW-IG Coordinator: Kara Mac Donald
RW-IG Assistant Coordinator: Erin O'Reilly
TELL-IG Coordinator: Suzanne Bardasz
TELL-IG Assistant Coordinator:  Cara Lazarus
TEW-IG Coordinator: Bentley Cavazzi
TEW-IG Assistant Coordinator:  open
ToP-IG Co-Coordinator: Marsha Chan
ToP-IG Co-Coordinator: Jaydene Elvin

Publication Editors

CATESOL Blog Editor: Christie Sosa
CATESOL Journal Co-editors: Robert Kohls and Rebekah Taveau
CATESOL Newsletter Editor: Christie Sosa
CATESOL Update Editor: Monica Rosso Tabrizi
CATESOL Web Manager: Marsha Chan


California Council for Adult Educators (CCAE) Liaison: Anthony Burik
California Teachers Association (CTA) Liaison: Laura DuPre
Californians Together (CalTog) Co-liaisons: Judy O'Loughlin and Kristi Ward
CATESOL Education Foundation Liaison: Susan Gaer
CATESOL LA Regional Liaison: open
CATESOL Northern Regional Liaison: Kara Mac Donald
TESOL Affiliate Represenative: Susan Gaer

Additional Leadership Roles

2020 State Conference Co-chairs: Amy Pascucci and Margi Wald
Advocacy and Policy Advisor: Judy O'Loughlin
Graduate Student Representative: Agnes Fu
Historian: John Liang
Jobs Board Coordinator: Alisa Takeuchi
Outreach Coordinator: Anthony Burik
Social Media Coordinator: Nancy Kwang Johnson
YouTube Co-coordinators: Billy Bodin and Kerry Fogarty

P.O. Box 1345
Monterey, CA 93942