About Us 2023-2024

CATESOL Board of Directors 2023-2024

Voting Members (elected)

CATESOL's membership is 2,768 strong, with 5 Levels, 7 active chapters, and 13 Interest Groups. 60 members serve on the Board of Directors, and all members volunteer time and expertise to further the mission of CATESOL.

Song Hong


Song Hong

Anthony Burik

Past President

Anthony Burik

Bahiyyih Hardacre

V.P. of Communication

Bahiyyih Hardacre

Tammy WIk


Tammy Wik

Anna Joaquin

University Level Chair

Anna Joaquin

Dyan Collins Ralph

Community College Level Chair

Dyan Collings Ralph

Andy Mardesich

Adult Education Level Chair

Andy Mardesich

Lorine Erika Saito

K-12 Level Chair

Lorine Erika Saito

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Intensive English Program Level Chair


Merve Beyazit Tanner

Chapter Council Chair

Merve Beyazit Taner

portrait Randy RIghtmire

Interest Group Chair

Randy RIghtmire

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Douglas Saylor

Assistants to Voting Members (elected)

Assistant Treasurer: Kimmie Tang

Past Treasurer: Robb Hill

Assistant Secretary: open

Chapter Council Assistant Chair: open

Interest Group Assistant Chair: Kelly Metz-Matthews

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assistant Chair: Robyn Mosely

College/University Level Assistant Chair: Kevin Wong

Community College Level: Assistant Chair: Ingrid Bairstow

Adult Education Level Assistant Chair: Lisa Guay

K-12 Level Assistant Chair: Michele McConnell

Intensive English Program Level Assistant Chair: Nina Dellona

Chapter Coordinators

Bay Area Chapter Coordinator: Johanna Esther Carranza

Capital Area Chapter Coordinator: Diana Tinoco

Inland Empire Chapter Coordinator: open

Los Padres Chapter Coordinator: open

Orange County Chapter Coordinators: Mimi Macias-Reza and Richard Gray

San Diego Chapter Coordinator: Burcu Chatham

San Diego Chapter Assistant Coordinator: Amanda Simons

San Gabriel Valley Chapter Coordinator: Jennifer Guillen

Saroyan Chapter Co-coordinators: Jennifer Vahanian and Alyssa Tobar

Steinbeck Chapter Coordinator: open

Yosemite Chapter Coordinator: open

Interest Group Coordinators

More about Interest Groups

CIRT-IG Co-coordinators: Margi Wald and  Elizaveta (Ellie)  Kuznetsova

CSU-IG Co-coordinators: Bahiyyih Hardacre and Jaydene Elvin

CSU-IG Assistant Coordinator: Iara  Mantenuto

IC-IG Coordinator: Henry W. Nguyen

LGBTQ+-IG Coordinators: Dyan Collings Ralph and Carol Basilio

MW-IG Co-coordinators: Natasha Guerrero and Nathaniel (Nate) Fifield

MW-IG Assistant Coordinators: Soleil Turell

NNLEI-IG Coordinator: Henry W. Nguyen

OT-IG Coordinator: Katrina Tamura

OT-IG Assistant Coordinator: Christian Vela Che

RC-IG Co-coordinators: Sherry MacKay and Talley Caruso

RW-IG Co-coordinator: Kara Mac Donald

TELL-IG Coordinator: Johanna Gleason and Jennie Kim

TEW-IG Coordinator: Kathryn Manthorpe

TOP-IG Co-coordinators: Marsha Chan,  Patryk Mrozek, and Randy Rightmire

USC-IG Coordinator: Zhi (Annie) Yin

USC-IG Assistant Coordinator: Yi (Holly) Gao

Publication & Communication Leadership

CATESOL Web Manager: Marsha Chan

CATESOL Journal Co-Editors: Robert Kohls, Rebekah Taveau, and Kevin Wong

CATESOL Journal Consulting Editor: Mark Roberge

CATESOL Journal Managing Editor: Margi Wald

CATESOL Newsletter Editor: Kara Mac Donald

CATESOL Blog Editor: Michelle Skowbo

CATESOL Update Editor: Bahiyyih Hardacre

CATESOL YouTube Coordinator: Bentley Cavazzi

Event Registrar: Marsha Chan

Social Media Coordinator: Suky Kaur

Job Board Coordinator: Alisa Takeuchi


California Council for Adult Educators (CCAE) Liaison: Song Hong

California Teachers Association (CTA) Liaison: 

Californians Together (CalTog) Co-liaisons: Lorine Erika Saito and Kevin Wong

CATESOL Education Foundation Liaison: Song Hong

TESOL Affiliate Representative: Song Hong

Additional Leadership Roles

Advocacy and Policy Advisor: open

Graduate Student Representative: open

Historian: open

Membership Coordinators: Susan Gaer and Kendra Vasile

Outreach Coordinator: Anthony Burik

Professional Development Coordinator: Marsha Chan

2024 State Conference Co-Chairs: open