Sadae Iwataki Award Winners

The Sadae Iwataki Award represents the highest honor of the CATESOL association. This award was initially established in 1987 under the leadership of Rita Wong, CATESOL President 1986-1987, in honor of a member who has provided outstanding service to CATESOL. One of the first recipients of the award was Sadae Iwataki, who served as CATESOL President 1981-1982. Sadae worked tirelessly for excellence in education for English language learners and promoted a high-quality professional environment for their teachers. When she passed away in 1991, the award was named in her honor. The recipient of this award, also known as the Sadae Iwataki Lifetime Achievement Award, is carefully selected at the discretion of the CATESOL board of directors and is usually announced by the CATESOL President at the President's Luncheon at the annual state CATESOL conference.

Sadae Iwataki Award Pin

2023 Sedique Popal and Talley Caruso

2022 Marsha J. Chan

2019 Jeffrey Mattison

2018 Nina Ito

2017 Sandy Silverstein

2016 John Liang

2015 Judith O'Loughlin

2014 Monica Snow

2013 Dan Fichtner

2012 Mark Roberge and Margi Wald

2011 Don Sillings

2010 Mark Lieu

2009 Karen Dennis

2008 Margaret Teske

2007 Sara Fields and Lynne Nicodemus

2006 Carol Bander and Susan Gaer

2005 Chris Bunn

2004 Linda Sasser

2003 Robby Ching and Donna Brinton

2002 Kara Rosenberg

2001 Gretchen Bitterlin

2000 Ann Creighton

1999 Natalie Kuhlman

1998 Steve Ross and Terri Ross

1997 Lynn Savage

1996 Katheryn Garlow

1995 Steve Sloan

1994 Sharon Seymour

1993 Alice Addison

1992 June McKay

1991 Denise Murray

1990 Lydia Stack

1987 Sadae Iwataki and Penny Larson