Prepare to Register

Online registration has closed.

Attendees who have not yet registered can do so on-site, at the College of Alameda campus. Registration will be located at the New Liberal Arts Building (Building H). Registration begins each day as follows: Thursday 4:00pm; Friday 7:30am; Saturday 7:30am

Please follow these instructions:

For individual attendees

  1. Enter your email address, name, affiliation, and contact information. (If you are in our database, the existing information will be displayed. You can edit it.)

  2. Choose a package after reading the details about each option.

  3. If you choose a Student package, upload proof of current student status showing 6+ semester units. Non-students and Groups, please skip this step; click the Continue with Registration button.

  4. Pay with a credit or debit card.

For groups of 5 or more attendees

[visual instructions]

  1. Enter your email address, name, and contact information as the paying Registrant. (If you are in our database, the existing information will be displayed. You can edit it.)

  2. Registrant vs. Attendee: After Step 1, your name, email address, and organization will appear by default as Attendee #1. If you (the Registrant) are processing the registration for a group but will not attend the conference yourself, you must change the name and email address to that of an attendee before proceeding to the next step. 

  3. Choose one or more Group packages. If you need to register 10 or more individuals, submit two or more group registrations. For example: 2 groups of 5 = 10 registrants, 3 groups of 6 = 18 registrants. Choose a Group package after reading the details about each option.

  4. Enter the names and email addresses of the additional attendees (remember Step 2: change Registrant name to the name of an Attendee). This way, each attendee will receive login info and a conference badge. If you need to register more than 5 attendees, follow the instructions in Step 3. Be sure your entries are accurate before clicking Continue because you cannot go back to change them. 

  5. Ignore the option to upload confirmation of student status; this does not apply to groups.

  6. Pay with a credit or debit card.

For Advertisers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors

Advertisers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors


Credit Card (Debit Card) Payment is CATESOL's preference. Please use this payment method if possible.

Electronic Check Payment is an alternative; have your bank account and routing numbers ready. 

Purchase Order Payment is acceptable for bona fide organizations that can provide a valid purchase order number.

When are registration rates valid?

Regular Registration ends on October 13th at 8:59pm Pacific Time (11:59pm ET).  Late registration begins on October 13th at 9:00pm PT (October 14th at 12:00am ET).

Refund Policy

CATESOL is a non-profit organization operated solely by volunteers. Except as expressly provided, all payments will be irrevocable, non-refundable, and non-creditable. A refund will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.


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COVID-19 Disclaimer

Conference attendees are voluntarily assuming any and all risks, notwithstanding the best efforts of the College of Alameda and the CATESOL conference organizers to implement and require compliance with transmission, prevention, and mitigation measures. By registering for and/or attending this in-person event, you are assuming all risks that you may be exposed to the coronavirus and/or other transmissible diseases and may become ill, and such exposure and illness may result in personal injury, temporary or permanent disability, or even death, and you waive any and all claims against the College and the conference organizers as a result of any exposure or illness. We recommend that you provide your own face masks, wearing them at your own discretion during the event, and refer to the CDC for further advice.