2020 State Conference

CATESOL 2020 State Conference

In an effort to meet the needs of educators in a meaningful and accessible way, the CATESOL 2020 State Conference will be virtual, live, and synchronous. 

We hope that you will consider attending as we are working hard to put together a well-rounded program of keynotes, topic strands, concurrent sessions, poster sessions, exhibits, and interactive social networking events.  And there are many ways for you to be involved beyond being an attendee. See "Get involved" for options.

Conference Registration

Register Here Starting August 15th at 12pm PDT!

Conference site and registration

You can find more information on and register for the conference on the InEvent platform This is also the platform for conference delivery.

Click to see a video demonstrating the registration process.

*Pro Tip* You must select PayPal first and then you can determine the payment method.  PayPal is not required for payment, but you must choose this option initially.

Schedule Overview

Day & Time           


Speakers & Topics

October 8 afternoon

Advocacy PCI

Invited speakers deliver updates on federal and state funding and changes

October 8  evening

Opening Keynote

Mandy Manning

Our Paramount Duty: Language as a Vehicle for Connection and Belonging

October 9 morning


Invited speakers, workshops and student forum

October 9 afternoon

Keynote & Concurrent Sessions

Justin Shewell

10 Strategies for Successful Teaching During the Pandemic

October 9  evening


Willy Renandya

The Primacy of Extensive Reading and Listening: Theory, Research & Applications

October 10 morning


Invited speakers, poster sessions and publisher and exhibitors

October 10 afternoon

Keynote & Concurrent Sessions

Stephen Krashen

THE OUTPUT FILTER or - You can't turn your language off acquisition device 

October 11 morning


Summer Institute showcase, strand discussions and CATESOL business meeting

Get involved! 

We are currently building the following teams: session chairs to moderate Q&As, technical support during the conference, speaker onboarding, and attendee orientation.  If you would like to help, contact catesol2020conf@gmail.com and use the subject line: Interested in Conference Teams. Join in; build community; support CATESOL.