Message from the President

[image: Ellen Lange, CATESOL President]

As she finished her term, Nina Ito, our 2012 - 2013 President and now Past-President of CATESOL, commented on this page: "Itís time to say my farewell as President of CATESOL." Now is the time for me to introduce myself as 2013 - 2014 President. My message is that our strength as an organization lies in our members and in the fact that CATESOL represents all levels and areas of teaching English to ELLs. Our success comes from working together as a team. We at the Board, nicknamed CATESOL Central, are dedicated to helping you grow in the organization as members and professionals. To do that, we are working to improve Board support of CATESOL in order to make it easier for our members to participate in and enjoy all CATESOL's endeavors as a volunteer organization and not be afraid to step forward.

Let's unite, unify, and grow together!

Ellen Lange

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CATESOL has a new telephone number: 714.907.4033. Be sure to update your contacts.

From the Adult Level Chairs: EdSource, an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit group that focuses on education issues, has released a report on adult education, At Risk: Adult Schools in California. Its press release states that 'adult schools are an important strand in the state's safety net, offering community based classes to some of the state's neediest adults.'

2014 Annual CATESOL Conference
Santa Clara, CA
October 23-26, 2014

Your charitable contribution to CATEOL is 100% tax deductible. Whether itís a one-time, monthly, annually, or legacy donation, your contribution will be used to further the non-political mission and goals of CATESOL. For more information, go to CATESOL Education Foundation.