Plenary Session 2

CATESOL 2021 State Conference

Plenary 2

8:30 am PDT


October 30, 2021

Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian

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Conquering Fears, Building Resilience and Skyrocketing Potential

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Recent societal and personal changes in our lives have made one thing clear: every single human being needs to grow their resilience and capacity for overcoming discomfort and fears.

Drawing from his personal journey of overcoming adversity, from holding back immensely due to a debilitating stutter to performing on stages worldwide, Joze Piranian will deliver his concrete blueprint for confronting challenges, building unshakeable resilience, defeating the discomfort of learning new skills to thrive, and reframing our relationship with fears in order to thrive amidst uncertainty. The transformational insights of his award winning keynote will be infused with hilarious comedic moments (as performed at the Laugh Factory).

Your audience will feel invigorated, moved, entertained and transformed to start taking the steps to overcome their "inner stutter" and unlock their fullest potential at work and in life!


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Joze Piranian is a lifelong stutterer turned International Motivational Speaker helping people who hold back turn fear into action so that they overcome their inner stutter and unlock their true potential in life. By empowering others to own their uniqueness and conquer their obstacles, Joze delivers transformational experiences allowing his audience members and coaching clients to access the hidden powers of fear and become champions of inclusion.

After avoiding speaking almost entirely for more than 25 years due to a debilitating stutter, Joze uncovered groundbreaking insights for personal transformation that turned his obstacle into triumphant public speaking and stand-up comedy performances in 3 continents and 3 languages. Joze is now a mission to change people’s relationships with fear and discomfort so that they start taking action and unleash their inner greatness at work, school and in life.

Winner of the Inspirational Speaker of the Year award in 2017, Joze has shared the stage with Drake music video producer Director X, Disney’s CIO, Brendon Bouchard, Jim Kwik, Dragon Den’s Arlene Dickinson as well as comedians Hannibel Buress & Whitney Cummings.

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