Conference Committee


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Many thanks to the volunteers who have made the CATESOL 2021 State Conference possible! #catesol21 Organizing Team

Co-Chairs Susan Gaer and Anthony Burik

Program Chair Jaquelin Yang-Tsui

Exhibits Coordinator Marisol Richmond

Evaluations Coordinator Brent Davis

Networking Sessions Coordinator Dean Williamson

Onboarding Team Coordinator Jacqueline Vega Lopez

Poster Sessions Coordinator Nina Ito

Teaching Tips Coordinator Kathleen Bailey

Registration Coordinator Susan Gaer

Remote Platform Coordinator Margi Wald

DEI Taskforce and Social Media Coordinator Nancy Kwang Johnson

Social Networking Coordinators Song Hong and Reagan Clark

Sponsorships Coordinator Jeffrey Mattison

Program Book Coordinator Kimmie Tang

Website Coordinator Marsha Chan

Treasurer Vincent Nunez

K-12 Level Chair Julie Goldman

K-12 Assistant Chair Lorine Erika Saito

Adult Education Level Chair Elza Hess

Adult Education Level Assistant Chair Song Hong

Community College Level Chair Reagan Clark

Community College Level Assistant Chair Jeremy S. Browning

College/University Level Chair Bahiyyih Hardacre

College/University Assistant Chair Emmy J. Min

Intensive English Program (IEP) Level Chair Prima Gonzalez

Intensive English Program (IEP) Level Assistant Chair Fawn Supernaw

Interest Group Chair Bentley Cavazzi

Interest Group Assistant Chair Daniela Lup

Onboarding Team and Social Networking Team