ESL Resources

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Professional Organizations and Agencies

The TESOL website provides information about our umbrella organization, including conferences, publications, listservs, and upcoming events.
TESOL France
The TESOL France website provides all the information you could want about ESL/EFL programs and conferences in France.
JALT: The Japan Association for Language Teaching
JALT is a sister affiliate of CATESOL. An excellent site for information about teaching ESL in Japan.
Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers
A bilingual site for the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers. In addition to information about the organization, there are student lessons, articles, and other resources. In Canada, second language includes both ESL and French.
California Department of Education Web Site
ESL and bilingual information through the State Department of Education. (updated 10.26.04)
The English Council of California Two-Year Colleges
The purpose of ECCTYC is to advance English teaching and learning in the two-year college by providing opportunities for the exchange of discipline information, promoting professional interaction and growth among its members, and articulating concerns of the discipline to professional and policy-making groups.
Faculty Association of the California Community Colleges
The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, Inc. is a nonprofit, professional advocacy association promoting unity and professionalism among California Community College faculty. A good site for keeping up-to-date on legislation.
Intercultural Communication Institute
ICI is a non-profit, private foundation designed to foster an awareness and appreciation of cultural difference in both the international and domestic arenas. It offers resources and educational opportunities in the field of intercultural communication to students, faculty, administrators, trainers, business professionals, counselors, and consultants. (added 09.24.03)

Teacher/Student Resources

Dave's ESL Cafe on the Web
Dave's ESL Cafe is an amazing site that includes the ESL Quiz Center & the ESL Help Center (both for students), the ESL Search Page (to help you find ESL resources), and the ESL Idea Page (where both teachers and students can share ideas). Still the premier ESL web site on the Internet
The Internet TESL Journal
A rich resource site with information on CALL, culture, world-wide associations and conferences, and job information. Note that the journal is no longer published; the web site merely serves as an archive of past issues. (updated 05.29.13)
TESL Electronic Journal
TESL-EJ provides on-line information on the teaching of ESL, as well as reviews of CALL materials and resources.
The Newbury House Online Dictionary
This online dictionary contains over 40,000 entries and is based on the Newbury House Dictionary of American English. Providing simple and clear definitions, this online tool provides a wealth of sample sentences, idioms, and a wide array of cultural facts and figures.
John and Sarah's TEFL Pitstop
Sarah provides several ideas for games that ESL/EFL teachers can use to reinforce language learning. Directions and gameboards to print out. Learn English Effectively
This is an English learning site like none I have encountered. The focus of the site is motivation and techniques for effectively learning English. The authors of the site do not see grammar exercises as the way. There are reviews of techniques, pronunciation guides, and accounts of how the authors learned English. Requires an intermediate reading level.
Listed as a web resource for the developing language teacher, this site provides newsletters about teaching, teaching methodologies, lesson plans, and weekly teaching tips. Newsletters and tips are archived, but you can also subscribe to receive these by email. Developing is a commercial site that also offers email courses for language teachers.
Good things for elementary ESL classes. Includes lesson plans, teaching tips from a variety of sources, the owner's pick of ESL resources, and discussion boards. There is also a discussion board where you can ask the site owner questions. (updated 05.29.06)
Real English
Previously, this site provided just a sampling of lessons to encourage one to buy the series on videocassette and CD. Today, all the lessons are available on the web and the site is working on making the videoes available on mobile devices as well. Lessons each include a video clip, exercises, and vocabulary work. (updated 05.29.13)
An extensive selection of resources for the ESL teacher, from flashcards to grammar lessons. There's realtime chat, for students who want to chat with others, and forums (although somewhat sparse in postings as of this listing). One of the best things are current news articles, which are available as readings and audio recordings. Each article is accompanied by various exercises.
Medical English Resources
A unique resource for ESL students who may be specializing in medical fields. An extensive selection of online exercises, including cloze, passage reconstructions, vocabulary, and grammar. If a student wants to practice his/her English in the context of a medical diagnosis, this is the place.
A compendium of quite a lot of different things. There are discussions, a bulletin board, a grammar reference, online tests, and more. Many more materials than when the site was first reviewed several years ago. (updated 10.26.04)
Purely a discussion site with threads for general English questions, business English, and medical English. Lots of posts and still going strong after several years. (updated 10.26.04)
Yikes. The URL is only one letter different from the previous listing, but the content is much different. Many exercises for language practice, resources for teachers and students, guides to schools, message boards, and lots of links. (updated 10.26.04)
Mark's ESL World
A site with lots and lots of links, organized into resources for teachers, students, and job seekers. There are also chat and discussion pages. Nothing unique to this site, but it pulls together many things into one place.
ESL Webquest Projects
Webquests are cooperative Internet-based research activities that usually culminate in a written or oral research report. They involve research, critical analysis of sources, and organization of information found. This web site focuses on webquests and resources to support them. The author tries to break down webquests into its various components, and while the information is not always easily processed, it is comprehensive. These particular webquests are targeted more to secondary and higher.
Grammar Grabbers
Grammar can be deadly serious, so a little levity might be useful. Bill Cutler provides humorous but practical grammar and style advance on his website. Since it's humor, many ESL students will need to be somewhat advanced to get all the jokes, but teachers may find the points useful. (added 09.24.03)
The Reading Matrix: An Online Journal
The Reading Matrix is an international online peer-reviewed journal that focuses on issues of reading and second language instruction. The journal is purely online, but it is indexed in ERIC. Articles are in PDF or HTML format. Access is free, and the journal also includes an archive of previous issues. Published twice a year. (added 11.17.03)
English Daily
An ESL site with a distinctively Asian bent. Grammar, idioms, folk tales, and lessons using advertisements. I contacted the owner to find out more about the site, and apparently it is just a work of love. (added 11.19.03)
This is a website with a very specific function. You input a block of text or a website, and the textalyzer analyzes the text/website for complexity and reading level. You also get syllable counts and average words in a sentence. A potentially useful tool for any teacher who wants to use web materials with their class. (added 05.14.04)
esl Resource Center
A variety of lesson ideas for all areas, from pronunciation to grammar. The mission statement emphasizes that the site is free and developed by ESL teachers. You may find a useful lesson here for your next class. There are also areas for chatting and posting job stuff, but I didn't look at those features. (added 05.14.04)
This is a website for a shareware program called Vocaboly. Using this program, you can review vocabulary through a variety of exercises, tests, and games. Of specific interest to EFL students is its TOEFL vocabulary. You can download the program for free and then pay for it if you find it useful. Teachers and learners can customize the program with their own vocabulary. The program is only available for Windows. (added 06.07.04)
Encomium: Online TOEFL Practice
Encomium provides a 40-question sample for the TOEFL Structure and Written Expression test, a 15-item grammar quiz, and a quiz of the day. Challenging items. Click on "Directions" for directions and click on "Directions" again to return to the quiz. Provides a detailed explanation of why your answer was correct or incorrect at the end. (added 08.31.04)
English as a Second Language
This site has been around for more than eight years. There is a wide range of resources. There are reading lessons at different levels of difficult accompanied by cloze exercises and crossword puzzles for vocabulary development. There are conversations, which include audio. In addition to the original content, there are lots and lots and lots of links, organized into categories, covering everything ESL from jobs to listening exercises. (updated 04.29.12)
Vocabulary Can Be Fun
There are five online games for students to practice vocabulary: word search, crossword, hangman, matching, and multiple choice quiz. The vocabulary is grouped in categories. Since the items are fixed, you would need to check that your lesson includes the vocabulary used. The interfaces are very good, with cute graphics and sounds. (added 12.10.04)
UnivSource Vocabulary Builder
Another vocabulary builder, this one definitely geared for a much higher level. Students review vocabulary with contextualized sentences and then choose an appropriate antonym. Basically vocabulary drills. Hosted by a website that gives information about US universities. (added 04.15.05)
Breaking News English
Ready to use lesson plans that address speaking, reading, and listening skills. Each lesson plan has a reading (intermediate and a low-advanced version of each reading is available), which serves as the basis for discussion, word development, and a variety of listening exercises. A Word/PDF version of each lesson is available (formatted for duplication) as well as an MP3 of the reading to use for the listening exercises. Comprehensive and ready to use. (added 07.18.05)
MES English
Unlike many of our other resources, this site focuses on ready-to-print games that focus on younger English learners. The games include variations on Pokemon, Monopoly, and Battleship. There are also materials to work on Phonics. The materials are in PDF format and need to be printed out for classroom use. Instructions for use are provided, but some of the materials, such as the Big Town cards, can be easily adapted by a teacher for his/her own classroom needs. Mark Cox also has a series of Flash grammar games at his companion site, (added 07.18.05)
Learn to Speak English Fluently
Formerly "Learn English with Teacher Joe" - but Joe has essentially disappeared from the site. Nothing flashy on the surface, but the site makes a lot of use of audio files (dictations, readings, jokes) and some programming to provide timed readings. There are quotes, advice about taking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and quizzes. (updated 05.29.13)
Funny Lessons
This website is targeted to Spanish speakers and provides humorous stories along with translations of vocabulary, key phrases, and verbs. Pedagogically, there is not much support for a language learner, but a high-intermediate learner might find the jokes amusing, which might get him/her to learn the new vocabulary. (added 12.05.05)
ESL Independent Study Lab
While many sites organize links by topic, this site goes two steps further. First, it focuses on links that allow students to work (somewhat) independently. Second, it organizes the links by level. Includes links for all skill levels and TOEFL, plus the site creator's favorite picks for content area instruction. (added 04.04.06)
Exam English
Exam English provides information and practice sessions on the major language tests required by American and British colleges and universities for non-native English speakers. These include the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, KET and BULATS. While a good overview of what the tests are like, the feedback is simply correct or incorrect, so a prospective student doesn't know why the answer is correct or incorrect. (added 05.29.06)
English Language Online Tools
While ostensibly targeted to English language learners, I find the site of greater potential use for teachers. The tools analyze a text in a variety of ways. One highlights "complicated" vocabulary, with links from each "complicated" word to Wikipedia. Another highlights difficult vocabulary and pops up a list of synonyms for the vocabulary when you move your mouse over the word. A third analyzes the readability of the text. Also includes a dictionary. (added 05.29.06)
Room 108
The site creator provides a wide range of materials for primary age students, from worksheets to sing-alongs. There are also games to work on parts of speech and phonics. I can't judge the usefulness of the site, but there are not as many sites focused on the lower grades, so I'm including it. The music can be a bit distracting, so you'll want to lower the volume on your computer. (added 08.12.06)
English Daily
The focus is largely on vocabulary, with a little bit of grammar thrown in for good measure. The reading selections provide glosses for vocabulary items, with translations into German when you click on the words themselves. Note that this site differs from the similarly named site further up on this page. (updated 11.24.08)
Easy English Times
CATESOLers are probably familiar with this newspaper dedicated to ESL learners. While the newspaper itself requires a subscription fee (including online access to the issue itself), the web site to support the newspaper provides some useful resources. One of them is an archive of Susan Gaer's technology columns. Another is a large selection of student letters and writing. The site also has tips for how to use any newspaper with a class. (added 10.02.06)
Short Story Radio
Not exactly an ESL site, Short Story Radio provides audio versions of original soft stories in small chunks of a few minutes each. Definitely for a more advanced listening class, and for the teacher, the disadvantage is the lack of a printed text of the stories. Two new stories are added each week. The readers are British. (added 10.02.06)
Learn English Feel Good
I can't say I really like the name of the site, but the contents of the site are quite worthwhile. There are exercises, worksheets, video clips with listening comprehension questions, idioms, and a discussion of differences between UK and US English. (added 01.11.07)
Vocabulary Coach
Although research suggests that vocabulary acquisition requires context, students still tend to like vocabulary drilling for reinforcement. This site provides a range of word-definition match ups, a chance to compete with others to be in the Top 5, and an automated vocabulary flashcards page which introduces new words and definitions at a timed rate. Actually aimed for students preparing for high school tests such as the SAT and ACT, but ESL learners would probably enjoy this workout as well. (added 04.03.07)
Open English World
Open English World focuses on idioms, both everyday and business, and sentences to engage in coversation on specific topics such as the seasons or expressing boredom. The site provides explanations and sound files for all the example sentences. A feature that I did not test allows registered users (the registration is free) to send in practice writing and speech files for evaluation - structured around practice for the TESOL iBT. (added 04.03.07)
Hello World
While the site seems to be targeted to younger learners, it seems quite appropriate for beginning level English learners of any age. Activities are quite interactive and address more than one learning modality. For example, an activity on describing people allows the user to click on radio buttons that change the appearance of a cartoon figure. Each click is accompanied by a spoken sentence that describes the change in the cartoon figure. And yes, you can give the woman a moustache. (added 05.15.07)
Inspiration Lane
This site uses a BLOG to pull in definitions, vocabulary activities, short readings, and pictures to support language learning. Clearly these things are already available on the web, but the site pulls them together for you in one place. The website is organized like an online magazine with recurring features, and previous activities are archived. Note that the Quote of Day, This Day in History, and Article of the Day are not archived because they are dynamically updated. (updated 06.12.07)
Compelling Conversations
This site promotes the author's book (coincidentally, the author is a CATESOL member), but I am including it here because he provides sample chapters for you to use for free. The materials seem targeted to an intermediate level or higher. The chapters cover describing yourself, pet peeves, talking about movies, and compatability. Each chapter has questions to start a conversation, a little bit of vocabulary, more questions to continue the conversation, and proverbs for discussion. (added 05.29.07)
Sherton English
This site is focused on helping Spanish-speakers learn English and is sponsored by the Argentinian English Course, Sherton English. The site provides resources for grammar, irregular verbs, and vocabulary. The site is bilingual, and a link at the bottom allows you to choose English for the main language of the site. Sherton English is also responsible for the Funny Lessons site listed above. (added 07.02.07)
Readable Blog
The site name is a bit misleading - it's not just about reading. Actually, this blog provides links to generally free resources of interest to ESL/EFL teachers. Some of the things I checked out were online comic strip generators, international postcard exchanges (an updated penpals), and sources for audiobooks. (added 07.02.07)
Business English Site
Essentially, this site provides a range of multiple-choice exercises for English language learners to practice vocabulary, idiomatic usage, and grammar within a working world context. The exercises are arranged by topic and include fields such as accounting, sales, and web design. There are also exercises just for general business English. There are no explanations of answers and no instruction, so the exercises are probably of most use to someone who is/has been studying that area elsewhere. (added 07.05.07)
Learn English
In many ways this is a a very simple vocabulary site. There are 40 categories of words and over 1,000 vocabulary items. However, the flash technology underlying the site makes it a bit more interactive. The menu structure is easy to use, and each vocabulary word is reinforced by an audio file that provides pronunciation of the word. Interestingly, the site focuses on native speakers of Spanish, Hebrew, Russian and French. In short, these are thematically grouped sets of vocabulary words for flashcard-like practice. (added 09.11.07)
ESL Genius
This website is largely a collection of ideas to stimulate classroom communication. There are role-plays, discussion topics, ideas for debates, and other activities. As the website states, the ideas are not your typical "safe" ESL topics, and while they may not be for everyone, they provide something beyond what you find in every ESL textbook. There are also some materials for students - essentially short dialogs with a variety of responses. However, given that there are no explanations, these are not really materials for students to use on their own. (added 01.08.08)
Teach English in Asia
While this is ostensibly a jobs listing site, the fact is that I found the job listings less interesting than the section labeled ESL Games. On the day I reviewed the site, there were 59 job listings, a relatively modest number for a job site. At the same time, they had descriptions for over 40 games that one could use at the last minute for a variety of language learning skills. (added 01.30.08)
Kan Talk
I don't use Skype, so I wasn't able to avail myself completely of the features of this site, but Kan Talk looks like it takes good advantage of current technologies to facilitate the learning of English through conversation. Lessons make use of You Tube videos and web articles as the basis for discussion questions. Users can then set up online conversations using Skype to work through the discussion questions. Users are also encouraged to submit recordings of themselves doing oral presentations and readings and to practice comprehension through transcription of video clips. There seems to be a sizable community to interact with. (added 03.08.08)
Learn English with Pictures
In general, when I need a picture for my classroom, I use an online image search engine. However, the picture resolution varies widely, and aside from the issue of finding a suitable picture, finding one that can be reproduced at an appropriate size is also a challenge. The author of this site has taken his own pictures and provides them for your use. There are approximately 400 nouns on the site, each photo at 600x800 resolution - not great for printing a page-sized flash card, but very good for filling a computer screen in a powerpoint presentation. The site also has audio to provide pronunciation for the items. (updated 11.24.08)
English Grammar, Songs, and Idioms
There are 100 idioms and 25 grammar worksheets. Neither of these sections is particularly notable. However, the website also pulls together 20 English love songs in karaoke videos (from postings on You Tube) for English practice. The selection is clearly quite personal to the web site creator, but it's an interesting concept, and he makes it easy by having found the videos for you. If you like the idea, you can do a search on You Tube and find songs more to your liking. Search under "karaoke." (added 09.11.08)
Eating Well, Living Well: Nutrition Education for Adult ESL
This site provides adult ESL teachers with classroom lessons, resources, training and materials to help integrate critical health information into ESL classrooms. In addition, "Lessons for Living: Fast Food, Healthy Choices" is an online student nutrition lesson (click on the "hot topics" star in the menu bar) that includes critical health information, vocabulary review, life skills reading and listening practice in a fun yet challenging ESL context. Aimed at intermediate ESL learners and above, with basic computer skills, lesson provides learners with a comprehensible knowledge base about healthy levels of fat and salt intake and the skills needed for them to begin to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. The project was funded by USDA’s Food Stamp Program through the California Department of Public Health’s Network for a Healthy California, which awarded the grant to the San Diego Community College District. (added 09.17.08)
English Gateway
This site focuses on vocabulary lessons at the intermediate and advanced levels. There are a variety of free worksheets that introduce vocabulary and practice using fill-in-the-blanks. A wide range of topics. For a fee, users can access more complete lessons featuring audio, practice exercises with new vocabulary, a glossary with sample sentences and an answer key. Teacher notes are also provided with the fee-version. (added 11.24.08)
TOEFL @ iBT provides online practice for the TOEFL exam. While the full service is fee-based, the site provides free sample tests. This includes a scored reading and listening sample tests and unscored speaking and writing tests. The site requires registration. (added 11.06.09)
Idiom Quest
A significant database of idioms that can be accessed by key word and context (e.g. business, popular culture, law). Each idiom is accompanied by a definition and some sample usage. Pretty easy to use after you click on the "idioms" tab. It's not clear if the three category boxes on the home page are supposed to accomplish anything. (added 03.08.10)
Anthony Halderman English Instructor
There are other things on Anthony Halderman's website, but this link takes you to the resources of most use to ESL/EFL teachers. In addition to resource links, there are quizzes and video podcasts that he has made to address grammatical points such as adverbs of frequency, gerunds and infinitives, and verb tenses. The videos are geared for student use. (added 12.21.10)
Scribendi is primarily an editing and proofreading service, but they provide a reference section for advanced ESL learners to troubleshoot particularly troublesome issues related to English writing. All of the articles require a relatively high reading level, and they cover topics such as writing a resume, apostrophes, and adjectives. There aren't that many resources that are directly aimed at more advanced learners, so this fills an underserved niche. (added 02.04.11)
Hello World
Hello World offers a wide range of activities and resources for basic vocabulary items and grammar concepts such as comparatives and superlatives - largely geared towards younger learners in my estimation. There are games, flashcards, and puzzles - all using sound so that learners can hear the words. There is a good selection that is offered at no cost, and individuals and schools can pay for subscriptions to access all the activities. Help screens explain how each of the activities work. (added 02.20.11)
ELL Teacher Pros
This website offers CTEL prep classes and online classes for working with ELLs. However, these are for a fee. What the site offers for free is an annotated list of recommended websites which are divided by subject area, including ELLs and ESL (Click under Recommendations). A good resource for K12 teachers that includes many things not listed here. (added 02.20.11)
Digital Dialects
Digital Dialects provides some vocabulary games (fruits and vegetables, verbs, numbers, colors) that use either text or audio cues for identification and practice. The site was clearly created for Japanese speakers (probably children) learning English, and the accent is not American. (added 02.20.11)
Idioms 4 You
This idiom site allows you to search by key word, browse alphabetically, or focus on the idiom of the day. Each idiom is explained and conjugated, but the thing I liked best was the real-life examples. The site pulls in newsfeeds and twitter exchanges to show how people actually use the idiom to communicate. (added 03.24.11)
ESL Partyland
There's a bit of everything at this website - lessons for students and lesson ideas for teachers. The student lessons are grouped thematically and include discussion questions, vocabulary, links to readings, and response prompts. The teacher resources are grouped by subject or type (internet, video, etc.) and link to lessons. The only odd note is that there is no indication who created the site. (added 03.24.11)
As the name suggests, this website provides an online dictionary. In addition, it provides a thesaurus, flashcards to practice vocabulary (including flashcard decks tied to K-12 reading levels), vocabulary/spelling games, and a translator. The site also highlights categories of words that provide cultural context as well (e.g. the 7 deadly sins or phobias). (added 06.04.11)
Good Essay Topics
While definitely targeted at higher-level (and native speaking) students, many students need help with working with rhetorical structures and topics in composition classes. This site provides a fair list of essay topics for students to choose from or be inspired by. The advice for how to approach writing is somewhat simplistic but should reinforce information that is bring provided in the classroom. (added 11.05.11)
How to Pronounce Words and Use Them
This website brings together a variety of existing web resources to aid with pronunciation and word recognition. The user types in the vocabulary item s/he is interested in, and embedplus provides a link to YouTube videos that feature the word. The link leads the listener to a point in the video a few seconds before the actual use of the word through the use of a customized video player. The site is definitely in beta, so not all words are correlated with videos - but this is a very cool concept and may be of some use to you. (added 11.06.11)
English Leap
While primarily a website for their for-fee English courses and services, the site distinguishes itself by a strong focus on conversation skills. One can sign up for a free trial that includes speaking practice. There are also free language resources which mainly comprise grammar overviews, interesting vocabulary sets, and some multiple choice grammar and vocabulary exercises. This is not an endorsement of the for-fee services. (added 01.19.12)
ESL Insider
This website is the work of Ian Leahy, an EFL teacher who has focused on teaching kids in Asia. His website provides his perspectives on teaching abroad and includes quite a few videos of teaching practices and activities to show his ideas in action. I'm not sure that you can really learn to teach English from just his website (that's a tagline), but it's a much more dynamic presentation of what teaching is like in Asian classrooms than you get on other websites. (added 01.19.12)
eLeMental English
This is a blog of a range of topics related to understanding, learning, and using English. There is no fixed organization to the topics, which range from pronunciation of a tricky vowel sound to learning the vocabulary needed to order at Starbucks. The level is higher intermediate, but the best thing is that students can contact the webmaster with topics they are interested in for a possible future post. (added 01.19.12)
English Grammar
This site is really more targeted for native speakers, but it probably has utility for the advanced ESL student as well. The blog addresses different grammar topics with each post. There are downloadable lessons on specific grammar topics, and there are the beginnings of video lessons as well. The site also links to the online grammar checker Grammarly, which provides grammar checking and lessons related to errors. (added 08.12.12)
Learn That Word
There are two aspects to this site. First, it is a vocabulary practice site. Free registration allows the user to set up a word list for regular review and drilling. Second, it is the home for the Open Dictionary of English, a crowd-sourced dictionary. The information within the ODE forms the basis for the practice and review. The site is free, but there is also a premium version available for an additional cost that adds more features. (added 04.01.13)
Jump Start: Learning with English Games
Jump Start is an educational game software company of longstanding, which has expanded onto the online arena. The website has a subsection dedicated to learning English, and there is a broad selection of games organized by grade level. You can also browse games by type, including English and reading. Basic access is free (registation, however, is required), and paid membership affords access to additional activities and downloadable games. (added 05.25.13)
ProLogo Publishers: English Verb Conjugator/English Verb Paths
Students can enter the verbs they want to conjugate and click to see how the verbs are formed. One approach is a chart of the basic verb forms, and the second is a "tree" diagram that illustrates the different tenses and how they are related. The second is defintely a different way to conceptualize verb tense formation. (added 02.14.14)
Blair English
Vocbulary lessons, primarily focused on business and work and attendant social niceties. Each lesson has a reading passage with key vocabulary bold faced. At the end of each lesson, there is a vocabulary review exericse. After the first few letters of the correct vocabulary word are typed, the rest of the word is shown in grey (helpful if one can't get the exact spelling for the whole word/phrase). When the correct word/phrase is entered, two additional links are provided, one for additional information about the vocabulary item and one for pronunciation (British). Mostly at an intermediate level or above. (added 03.29.14)


CATESOL Job Listserv
Of course we put our service first. Especially if you are concentrating on California or Nevada, this is the definitive place to start your hunt for an ESL job at all levels.
Masters in
This site provides an overview of all TESOL programs available in the United States. You can search by state, and the site shows the type of program (certificate or MA), and whether or not there is an online option. There are also articles on topics such as professional organizations and how to evaluate a TESOL program. (added 03.29.14)
Jobs in Japan
Quite a few job listings for EFL in Japan plus ads for all sorts of other things. Possibly useful if you are looking specifically for a job in Japan. (updated 10.26.04)
TEFL Professional Network
I can’t vouch for this service, but the network’s aim is to help TESL/TEFL professionals find jobs worldwide. There are resource links, certification examination schedules, info about different degrees in ESL/EFL, and of course, postings about job vacancies. The service is free.
AAIEP: Intensive English Programs in the US
This web site provides information about intenstive English programs at universities throughout the United States. All English programs belonging to this group undergo regular evaluations and follow strict program guidelines to make sure that students receive the highest quality English education.
A job site for those seeking teachers and teachers seeking jobs in Asia. Posting your resume is free, and there are some helpful hints about finding a job and working in Asia. (update 11.24.08)
ESL Employment
Free for both employers and jobseekers, requiring only registration with the site. Jobs are sorted by geographical area. Heavily laden with promotions and some annoying pop-ups. (updated 10.26.04)
A rather cluttered web page design, but there are definitely lots of postings. However, to access the handy search box of the former incarnation, you now have to click on "search portal" on the left-hand side. (updated 02.04.10)
ESL Teachers Board
I don't know if the web needs another job site that specializes on Korea and China, but there are definitely many recent postings of jobs on this site, not to mention over a thousand resumes posted for those looking for employees. The site also has a variety of activities for teachers to use, but these are secondary to the job listings. (added 03.28.04; updated 05.14.04)
O-Hayo Sensei: The Newsletter of Teaching Jobs in Japan
The newsletter, with all the classified ads, is available online, but you have to search a bit to get to it. Click on "virtual news rack" on the home page, and then "Pick up the Current Edition." (updated 02.04.10)
ESL Job Project
Another job site focused on opportunities in Asia, which I finally got around to revisiting after a year. A good number of job listings and resumes. Lots of basic information about working in the major Asian countries, and it's one more source for job searches. (updated 11.24.08)
This job site aggregates job listings from a variety of major job sites, including, Chronicle of Higher Ed, and craigslist. A possible time saver for jobhunters since the jobs are all in one place. The site provides the information for other job websites, and it has been working on being able to send out feeds directly to job seekers. (added 01.12.06)
Footprints Recruiting, Inc.
Footprints Recruiting emphasizes that it has screened the employers it lists (whom they charge for the service) and rewards teachers that it has recruited with priority hiring after one year. The service seems to specialize in jobs in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Chile. The site includes FAQs for teaching abroad and some basic teaching resources. Based in Canada. (added 04.04.06)
Work N Play
It's hard to believe, but this is another job site targeted to people who want to work in Korea. Clearly the government is supporting the hiring of English teachers, and there are many recruiters to help fill these positions. I have no way to evaluate how this site compares to others, but on sheer volume of job postings alone it seems to be a pretty useful place to look. (added 04.03.07)
ESL Jobs World
The site now has resumes and job listings - and there are quite a few of each. And as implied in the title, the job listings are indeed from all over the world. (updated 05.29.13)
Park English
Another job site for work in Korea. This one has the distinction of stating in its header, "The Elected Employment Agency of Korea's Ministry of Education." A good number of job postings and testimonials. (added 05.29.07)
Teach English Abroad
It's very unclear to me who is sponsoring this site, but I think the information is useful. In addition to general information about teaching abroad, there is information about TESL/TEFL courses around the world with links to the respective institutions. The most interesting thing to me are the profiles of countries you might want to teach in. There is general information and specific information about possibilities for teaching English and what the focii of English teaching is for that location. (added 07.02.07)
Cactus TEFL
At first, I thought this was a link to one of our Southwest affiliates, but actually it's a UK website dedicated to providing TEFL course information worldwide. You can compare prices and get a range of general information about teaching English abroad. As a UK site, it has a slightly different perspective than USA sites. (added 07.02.07)
ESL Jobs
Another jobs listing site, with Google ads interspersed throughout. However, it does have a large number of jobs, and while it leans heavily towards Asia, there are jobs worldwide. You can browse with no obligation, but you have to register to either post jobs or to get job alerts. No resumes or job advice - just lots of postings. (added 04.30.09)
A job site focusing on teaching jobs in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Of the job listings on this site, there were 29 focused specifically on teaching English on the day I reviewed the site. It subsumes the website that I listed previously. (added 09.01.10)
Oxford Seminars
This site is clearly promoting courses offered through Oxford Seminars, but it also offers some good basic information about teaching abroad, including country information, tips for finding a job, and resources to serve you once you have a job in hand. Again, nothing particularly different, but it may be useful to international job seekers. (added 07.27.11)
Teacher Gig
A job site focusing on teaching jobs in Asia. While most of the listings are for English teachers, if you have other teaching areas, there may be postings for those as well. Free for posting your CV. Employers pay a fee for listing their positions. (added 07.27.11)
Go Teach Abroad
A good number of postings, and each country is affiliated with a specific recruitment organization (e.g. Reach to Teach in China, CIEE in Spain). In addition to providing job postings, there are also links related to volunteering and studying abroad. (added 01.19.12)
Korea Job Finder
If you are focused on a job search in Korea, this site is nicely organized with lots of postings. A clean search and interface. The site includes jobs other than teaching, but the vast majority of the listings are teaching positions. (added 09.03.12) Teach in Latin America
This is the first website that contacted me about a link that focuses on jobs in Latin America. A clean interface. The jobs are divided by level, with a separate tab for language schools. Most jobs listed are for English teaching. (added 04.28.13)
Quite a few postings from all over the world, with a heave emphasis on Korea. The postings can be filtered by country. The site also has a selection of games and worksheets. (added 09.07.13)
Teaching Nomad
A recruitment service that specializes in jobs in China. You can search by type of institution, city, and using keywords. A clean interface with no frills. (added 03.29.14)