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Representing teachers of English to non-native speakers, promoting excellence in education and providing high-quality professional development.

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  • CA PROPOSITION 58 -- CATESOL's Position. California Ed.G.E. Initiative or California Educaton for a Global Economy

  • CATESOL General Election in progress. If you are a current member or your membership expired after 6/30/16, you are eligible to elect the CATESOL leadership and should have received on 9/8/16 an email from catesol@catesol.org via Survey Monkey. If you did not receive that email, first, check your spam folder. Next, check your membership status (it can be found on the twice-monthly CATESOL Update that is emailed to you). Third, check your membership card. If you cannot find any record of your membership expiration date and you believe it was current since 7/1/16, contact the Membership Coordinator, Don Sillings, via email to catesol@catesol.org. If you know that your membership was not current during that time, you are welcome to renew and a link to the ballot will be sent to you. The polling will close at 11:59pm on 2 October 2016 so that the winners can be notified.

    • Your charitable contribution to CATESOL is 100% tax deductible. Whether it’s a one-time, monthly, annually, or legacy donation, your contribution will be used to further the nonpolitical mission and goals of CATESOL. For more information, go to CATESOL Education Foundation.

    Message From the President


    Embracing the Past – Planning for the Future

    Welcome to CATESOL!  As the largest organization in California and Nevada representing teachers of English language learners at all levels, we are excited to begin this new year.  Reinvigorated by our annual conference held last month in Anaheim, the Board is energized and ready to start working.  Our theme for next year’s conference is Embracing the Past – Planning the Future.  Indeed, this is the theme for our year as we begin the process of taking an in-depth look at our organization.  Inspired by our parent organization, TESOL, which is heading into its 50th year, we will engage in examination of our structures, policies, and procedures helping to ensure that CATESOL remains a healthy, vital organization. 

    But we can’t do it alone.  CATESOL, as a volunteer organization, is member driven.  Indeed, our members are our greatest asset!  Without them, we have no organization.  Thus, planning for the future is a call to action for you - the member.  Whether you have just joined CATESOL or are a long-time member, your involvement is important.  How do you engage?  It’s easy!  Join and participate in your level’s google-group.  Attend a chapter event or a regional conference.  Share an idea in the CATESOL News.  Give your time!  Volunteer!  No matter if the position is large or small, each is important to running the organization, presenting events, and producing quality materials.  Not sure where to start? 

    Contact us!  We’d be hay to help you find a place that suits your talents and abilities.

    Until next month….

    Onward and Upward –

    Sydney Rice

    President, CATESOL


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