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Representing teachers of English to non-native speakers, promoting excellence in education and providing high-quality professional development.

Of Special Interest

  • The FIELD RESEARCH CORPORATION has analyzed various wordings for Proposition 58, and the impact a specific wording has on support of (see more)

  • CATESOL Bylaws. The Board of Directors has approved updated Bylaws. CATESOL members in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday at the Annual Conference will be asked to approve them. A pdf copy can be found here.

  • CA PROPOSITION 58 -- CATESOL's Position. California Ed.G.E. Initiative or California Education for a Global Economy

  • Annual Conference Hotel: CATESOL is not using a "housing service" to assist with booking your hotel stay. Please book directly with the hotel by using the information provided on the conference's website.

  • Eighteen measures have qualified for the November 2016 statewide ballot. Read more.

  • Now Available: Fall 2016 CATESOL News (Updated 9/24/16) and The CATESOL Journal v28.1 (2016) 
    2016 Annual CATESOL Conference (http://www.catesolannualconference.org/)
    San Diego, CA
    November 17 - 20, 2016

  • Your charitable contribution to CATESOL is 100% tax deductible. Whether it’s a one-time, monthly, annually, or legacy donation, your contribution will be used to further the nonpolitical mission and goals of CATESOL. For more information, go to CATESOL Education Foundation.


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